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Florida Guardianship

What is a Guardianship?

  • What is a Florida Guardianship? A guardianships is a legal determination made by the court where the court appoints a guardian to make decisions for an individual who is deemed incapacitated and unable to manage their affairs independently, including both medical and financial decisions. This could include minors, adults with disabilities, or elderly individuals facing cognitive decline.

Key Aspects to Guardianships in Florida

  • Establishing Guardianship: The process begins with filing a petition with the court, an examining committee of medical professionals is appointed to assess the individual, and based on the results of the examination a guardian is appointed to oversee the medical and financial well-being of the individual. 
  • Guardian Responsibilities: Once appointed, the guardian assumes various responsibilities, including managing the ward's finances, making healthcare decisions, meeting annual reporting requirements as required by Florida Statute, and ensuring the individuals overall well-being.
  • Types of Guardianship: Florida offers different types of guardianship, including guardianship of the person, guardianship of the property, and plenary guardianship, which is a guardianship over both the person and the property, depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the ward.
  • Guardianship Oversight: The court provides oversight to ensure that guardians fulfill their duties ethically and in the best interests of the ward. Guardians must submit reports to the court, detailing their actions and decisions on behalf of the ward as well as annual accountings if they guardian is also overseeing their finances. 

Comprehensive and Dedicated Guardianship Services in Florida

Our Guardianship Services:

  • Establishing Guardianship: We can assist families in petitioning the court throughout Florida to appoint a legal guardian for minors or adults who are incapacitated and unable to manage their medical or financial affairs independently. We navigate the complex legal process and court requirements to ensure that your focus remains with the well-being and protection of the individual in need.
  • Guardianship Administration: Once appointed, our attorneys provide ongoing support to guardians in fulfilling their duties, meeting annual reporting deadlines, including managing finances, making healthcare decisions, and advocating for the best interests of the ward.
  • Guardianship Litigation: In cases involving disputes over guardianship or challenges to the appointment of a guardian, our skilled litigators provide zealous advocacy to protect the rights and interests of all parties involved.

Why we are Different and Why you Should Choose us

  • Legal Expertise: Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Florida guardianship laws and stay updated on any changes or developments in the legal landscape in this practice area.
  • Compassionate Support: We understand the sensitive and delicate nature of guardianship proceedings and provide compassionate guidance to families facing difficult decisions.
  • Personalized Service: We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and tailor our legal strategies to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Responsive Communication: Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the guardianship process, addressing any questions or concerns promptly and professionally.
  • Results-Oriented: Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we are dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients while minimizing stress and conflict

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