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Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning
  • Trust & Estate Administration
  • Florida Guardianship
  • Guardianship Litigation
  • Guardianship Advocacy
  • Florida Probate 
  • Probate Litigation 
  • Wrongful Death  
  • Approval of Minor Settlements 
  • Medicaid Consultations and assistance 

Estate Planning

Planning your estate and ensuring that your personal affairs are in order is one of the most important and personal decisions everyone needs to make. Every estate is different and because of that we ensure that the plan you select is tailored to address and protect your assets and needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to planning your estate and because of that we take the necessary steps to review all of your assets to determine what will provide each client with the necessary protections that will provide them with peace of mind for not only themselves but for their family as well.  

Guardianship/Guardianship Advocacy

Whether you need assistance or guidance with a minor or incapacitated adult, both require delicate and complex attention to detail once the need for a guardianship is established. We can not only assist in the legal process of having a competent guardian appointed to exercise and oversee the needs and rights of a ward, but also in maintaining and meeting the statutory requirements of reporting annually on the status of the ward and guardianship as a whole. 


Probating a loved ones estate is an emotionally difficult process and is almost always necessary if a proper estate plan was not set up during ones lifetime. Probating an estate may be necessary for an array of reasons and almost any asset owned by a decedent that was not properly planned for in an estate plan will need to go through probate. From complex probate administrations involving multiple beneficiaries and real estate, to a simple need to access a safety deposit box we can provide the necessary skills and services to ensure that the administration of your loved ones estate is as quick and efficient as possible during this difficult time.

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